Grooveware-Art: Contrasts and Anomalies

Grooveware is the creative moniker under which I am currently working, producing both 2D and 3D artwork as well as music in a variety of genres. I work from a studio based at the ‘Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance’ space in Rotherham town centre.

In my work, I attempt to explore relationships between the ancient and the modern, looking for ways in which folklore, myths and legends (both ancient and modern) have impacted upon our cultural heritage as well as our understanding of the present-day. Much of my work is based on such narratives, and my years in Primary Education have taught me to always try to view the world through a child’s eyes, and with a child-like mind; eyes to which so much is new and unexplained, and minds that often take untutored pathways to make unexpected connections. My work might be inspired by an object, a phrase, a story or simply a feeling, but always focusing on contrasts and anomalies.