Please click on the title to listen to just some of the music I have written or produced so far:

When The Sun Shines

Another song originally written in a different style but adapted to fit my current theme of scuzzy surfer-style.

Lazy Days

Originally written as a folk-style song with intentionally ‘dumb-ass’ lyrics, the song has undergone a radical change into a stoned-surfer track with fuzzed-up guitars and trashy drums.

Blind Billy Day

Blind Billy Day was one of Rotherham’s town criers. He was reputed to be a very strict, old-fashioned, ‘fire-and-brimstone’ religious disciplinarian, who had a strong hold over all the members of his family, both immediate and extended. However, he was also a notorious womaniser! I originally wrote it as a folk song.

The Fishermen

The origins of the lyrics are somewhat obscure and rather damning. I have long-since forgiven the people involved – but I rarely forget.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

The song went through many versions before arriving at the one presented here. A very similar version (with a slightly different introduction) was recorded at a studio in Rotherham and released as a 7 inch single, only faintly troubling the very bottom end of the dance charts. The samples are taken from the original film of the same name.

20 Years

Originally recorded by The Civil Wars, this is the version I have been performing with Meadowland.

Fifteen Feet

Originally written as a Country/Folk song, the version here was recorded in a surfer style, around the same time as I reimagined “Lazy Days”.